• Contact me : 

        E-mail  : contact@lescuirsdebelfeuil.com
        Phone number : +33 (0)6 63 63 40 44
        ( week days only, French hours (GMT -1): 8.00 am to 4.00 pm please )

  • Purchases in the "Sales" tab

      Available creations for sale are in the "Sales" tab of this site.
      Contact me for any questions : 

     - to check the availability of items
     - to calculate shipping costs (I can send items practically everywhere in the world but we have to check your destinations)
     - to process a payment (paypal, bank transfer)

  • Custom Orders

     I can produce items on demand to suit your needs. However, I always keep a creative freedom and I accept only inspiring projects. In addition, these projects always involve several months to be treated.

     I request 30% of the total amount upon taking order(non-refundable), the remaining 70% is required one month before completion (paypal, bank transfer).

     Contact me by email to define a project together and I 'll send you speficied quote with price and delay. 

  • Trainee requests and technical issues

      I do not offer training courses and I do not take apprentices. Furthermore, I do not answer questions about my techniques or my suppliers. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Company informations

    SIRET : 534.995.659.00016   ---  Auto-entrepreneur non assujetti à TVA. 

                     chez Jérôme CARRON-CABARET
                     14 bis route du Chanssonnay
                     38630 Veyrins-Thuellin (FRANCE)