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     DIY addict from childhood, passionate about fantasy universes since a teenager, I first started working leather in 2001 in order to produce some LARP accessories.

Shortly after that, I had the opportunity to receive an introduction to the basics of leather craft. During several years, I occasionally work with leather. I try many techniques by myself; my style and my skills are increasing...

In 2011, the desire to have a "passion job" pushed me to launch the adventure "Les Cuirs de Belfeuil" (Belfeuil's Leathers). Despite the lack of formal training, I decided to offer exclusive and sophisticated products with the aim of always improving my creative work.

My motto: quality and creativity!

  • Details :

- 100% Handwork :  All creations are entirely hand made
- 100% unique: Each creation is guaranteed to be one of a kind
- 100% hand stitching: hand stitched